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Marion Woodman:  The Feminine & Addiction DVD


The Feminine & Addiction: A Conversation with Marion Woodman

90 mins.


“I’ve been interested in the feminine for 20 years at least, because I’ve been working on my own addiction. And there is no healing an addiction without the feminine.”

So begins Marion Woodman at the beginning of this poignant and intensely personal interview. Here Woodman discusses the relationship between the feminine and addiction, two subjects at the forefront of her work for 20 years. In Woodman’s view, we turn to addictions out of a subconsious yearning for what is lacking in our lives — whether that be joy, love or nurturing — or in response to an unhealed childhood trauma. It is only through the embrace of a positive feminine presence in our lives, she says, that we can find our way out of the addiction and into a more balanced life.

Woodman applies these principles to various types of addictions, including food, alcohol, work, or the striving for perfection. Along the way, she touches on subjects like the negative mother, the positive masculine, the unravished bride, the body, and connecting to the feminine through dream imagery. She also introduces us to her vision of what the feminine looks and feels like in a society where it is often repressed. “In a culture where everything is noise and speed and banging around, you can hardly recognize when it’s there,” she says.

Woodman also talks for the first time on film about her own struggle with anorexia and about the dream that led her into facing this addiction for the first time. She also discusses with clarity and insight the early childhood events that helped her connect at a young age with the feminine, and set the stage for her destiny as an internationally-known writer, analyst, and teacher.

Taken together, this is a major new glimpse in the Woodman perspective. Filmed in February, 2009 at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, the DVD brings together the personal and the professional lives of one of our most cherished and influential thinkers, both within the Jungian community and beyond.

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