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David Richo: Becoming an Adult In Relationships DVD


David Richo: Becoming An Adult In Relationships

2 hr


What does it mean to be an adult in relationships? How is that different than striving to be “happy” or “successful” in relationships?

To best-selling author David Richo, this subtle but powerful distinction is all-important. Relationships are a journey. They test us, they prod us, they give us a chance for self-reflection and growth. Approaching them with maturity, patience, and a sense of selflessness creates a new paradigm for embracing the inevitability of their ups and downs. It’s no wonder his 2002 book, How to Be an Adult in Relationships, has sold more than all of his other books combined.

In the fall of 2010, Depth Video brought Richo together with journalist Scott London to discuss the many facets and ramifications of this idea. As host of the public radio series Insight and Outlook, London has interviewed many of the great minds of our time, and he wasted no time getting to the heart of Richo’s multi-disciplinary message. They sat down in the library of the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center in Santa Barbara, and gave us a thoughtful and nuanced two-hour discussion rich with clarity and inspiration.

Richo’s hybrid approach blends the psychological methods of Carl Jung with the practical thinking of Buddhism and the archetypal wisdom found in literature and poetry. It’s an easy to grasp, yet lucid and insightful amalgam. As audiences watch this DVD, they are struck by Richo’s ability to turn what may feel like a curse – an insurmountable relationship challenge – into the blessing of a valuable opportunity. If these opportunities are embraced, they foster an intimacy that makes the early butterflies of a relationship seem facile in comparison.

Worthy of repeated viewings, this DVD offers couples, or anyone experiencing the difficulties that relationships inevitably bring, a trusted advisor through the turbulence.

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