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Michael Meade

Michael Meade: Leaping Between the Horns
Modern Dilemmas, Mythic Sense and Ancient Imagination

Four DVD set


Michael Meade’s three–day workshop “Leaping Between the Horns” took place March 17–19, 2006 at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Weaving myth, song, dance drumming, and folk tale, the inimitable mythologist explored the valuable opportunities of being “betwixt and between.” A place where being lost offers a chance to be found in a new way. Obstacles and dilemmas are seen as creating a crossing ground where a leap between the old and new, the concrete and spiritual, the time bound and the timeless, may be attempted. This four–DVD set chronicles the entire workshop. Disc One documents opening night on March 17. Disc Two documents the morning session on March 18. Disc Three documents the afternoon and evening sessions on March 18. Disc Four documents the closing session March 19.

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