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Being Here DVD


Being Here
Directed by Russ Spencer

55 mins.


Picking up where Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides leaves, off, Being Here offers an Alternately touching, poignant, and humorous glimpse into a world too often kept secret – the artist’s private world of creation. After returning from a stint as a Marine in Vietnam, Dan Horgan completely retreated from society, choosing to create environmental art in the mountains, on the beaches, and in the deserts. Being Here chronicles Horgan’s return to society, when he agrees to create his first public sculpture. Alternately touching, poignant and heartwrenching, the film explores the dialogue between art and healing, the process of reintegration, and shows how Horgan is able to find his place in society only after he is able to do so on his own terms. The film was seen in festivals around the United States and on television around the world.

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