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Laurence Hillman: Archetypal Astrology
Healing Language for the 21st Century



In a 1.5 day workshop at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in the fall of 2008, Astrologer Laurence Hillman addressed core issues about the human condition by blending astrology, philosophy, spirituality and psychology into one penetrating worldview. Hillman helped his audience understand the planets as inner actors coming to life on a personal stage. Using the theater metaphor provided him a set of tools to dramatize the archetypal patterns, or scenes, that we live out every day. He gave the audience tools for finding answers to questions about calling, personality, reading their inner characters, and discerning the most influential and important players. In addition, he reflected on which players might need to be encouraged, and which might need to be diminished. The result was a powerfully simple, but not simplistic, method for grasping our inner complexities, and finding practical ways to improve our lives. This dual-layer DVD package captures the entirety of Hillman's 1.5 day workshop.

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